CNC Milling

Quality Machine Shop:

WALCO Tool & Engineering is your quality machine shop, meeting your complex machining needs. WALCO’s CNC milling department consists of numerous state-of-the-art machining centers including vertical and horizontal CNC milling in 3 axis to 5 axis, made by some of the best equipment builders in the industry. All CNC milling centers include custom designed quick-change fixtures which reduce changeover time and increase batch-to-batch consistency. Pre-setting all tools off-line with a high-accuracy pre-setter significantly minimizes costs in set up time. All CNC milling workstations are connected to WALCO’s intranet and engineering servers for downloading programs, tool lengths, offsets and visual aids. Giving our highly skilled machinists instant information on jobs, right when they need it, reduces cost in mistakes and unutilized time.


Okuma MB-66VB High Speed CNC Milling Center


CNC Milling Investment:

As your partner in business, WALCO continually invests in equipment. This means back-up resources with most CNC milling machines, allowing us to schedule jobs for quicker through put and helps guarantee product delivery even in cases of machine maintenance and repairs. We also upgrade to CNC machines that allow higher spindle speeds, faster federates, larger storage capacity, and greater communication leading to enhanced quality and shorter cycle times.
Niigata (Large)

Niigata Multi Axis / Probing Horizontal CNC Milling Center


Horizontal and 5 Axis Machining:

Multi axis machining allows a part with features located at different angles to the centerline to be machined in one set up. With our horizontal CNC milling, we can effectively control the quality on a part utilizing true 4 axis capability. Gear and pump boxes, cylindrical parts and three dimensional tolerances can be competitively machined without the cost of fixtures and additional set ups. Our SNK Gantry Mill is a true 5 axis machining center that can fully profile mill, or mill multiple features with full functionality of the X, Y, Z, B and C axis.

CNC Milling

SNK Double Column 5 Axis CNC Milling Center



WALCO Tool & Engineering is your Quality Machine Shop for all of your CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Surface Grinding, Welding, Process Engineering and Contract Machine Shop needs.